In den Seilen hängen

We looked at areas that were specifically used for a certain direct purpose. The project involved distorting a space, or spaces, to change the perception and emotive feelings that were expected of the space. Having this outline to work upon, the outdoor courtyard was the area chosen to work within. The installation would have to create a dynamic that the space currently did not. The seating was disconnected; meaning the interaction between groups was isolating. From this we decided to install an interactive seating area that would bring people together and affect the area when more or less people joined.

Initially we struggled to come up with an idea, our thought process then lead us to thinking about spaces with a defined use and how we could ‘break the mold’ by adding a new dimension to the already expected experience of a particular space. The main difficulty for us was materiality and how we could access the amount of rope we needed without a huge expense. We were donated the rope for the duration of the installation for free. This however took a few days of arranging and shortened our time to construct the new seating area. The structure spanned around multiple spaces and different methods and ideas were put forward in order to make the installation work.

Basing the installation on the theories of the unexpected and attraction, we created an atmosphere that altered the perception of the courtyard space. Using just ropes and fabric, the existing disconnected seating area was transformed into a space that incorporated the surrounding buildings and allowed the users to interact with the installation individually and as a group to sit down. The area allowed users to experience motion and movement from other surrounding users, adding a new experiential level to sitting or lying down in a normal environment.