Of other Natural Spaces

The aim of the project was to abstract our individual perceptions of space from our different sites around Lucerne, and then to propel them into another natural space. By doing this it allows one to experience a sensation of a place without actually being there, this is what Foucault describes as a Heterotopic space. To create these spaces we used a combination of sensory impressions, both physical and augmented in order to simulate our original perceptions of the space to the observer.

In order to collect our perceptive sensations from the excursions, we used a method which sets a base to diagram our variety of feelings. To do this  the participants were asked to find a  two dimensional scale for their phenomenological  experiences which were gained from the excursions.  This diagram was then transformed into a  three dimensional space by adding a vertical scale that measures the quantification through personal experiences. The participants then connected the points in the diagram in a personal way depending on their experiences, for example using lines, curves or shades. This allowed 3D diagram to be abstracted into a form which was installed in our exhibition space both physically and in the augmented reality.

Tina Bauer

My piece of installation represents the sensation of immersion. I wanted to create an abstract fraction of a landscape in which the viewer can comprehend my perception of the different sites we saw. To accomplish this I composed three states of perception into one, because immersion is a process which doesn't always start intuitively.

Hazal Beller

When visualizing the mountains, trees, water and rocks, the exact shapes of the nature become illusionary, if the situation reminds of something different from the reality - an imaginary world- a place , a person, an animal, or just something from ones memory or even inexistent, so in the project illusions begins from the core of the installation and spread decreasingly to the reality.

Theresa Kellner

My main focus was on limits and structures from which I used the word -enclose - worked out for me. An open and close describes my formal language - turn away and grab one another. An up and down, like my feelings and perceptions they changed constantly, which I have during my visit to the canyon.

Jana Kruse

The result of my project is an abstract curved 3D model which shows the motion of water and my impressions and feelings walking through the Gorge.

Nora K├╝hni

The sphere shows how transparent or opaque the pathway were and the lines makes a statement about the width of the path.

Charlotte Madgwick

My project explores the notion of temporality that I experienced when visiting the Gorge. Seeing the different degrees of temporality ranging from the flowing water, the man made path, and finally the ancient rocks completely widened my perception of time and my place within it. My abstracted model aims to simulated the temporality and the fragility of the earth's surface in a more accessible time for us to experience both in a physical and augmented way.

Jeremy Pougnand

My sequence is following a set of feelings through the journey in the gorges. And attached is the picture describing the organized/chaos conflict.

Alp Dogan Urut

As you place yourself on the physical and mental space, experience that you have will change and evolve. And the perception of the space will alter accordingly.