A place of transit transforms to a lounge. A new point of view on a "non-place", which is full of visual and acoustic qualities. In the beginning there is a black space as a place of reflection and awareness. A background actor guides the visitor to the main entrance of the project. By entering the corridor, the visitor hears some sounds, these were recorded during our creative process and they are a very important part of the project, as well as the projectors behind the windows, which show the entire daily uses of this "non-place". The movies get visible when the visitor interacts with a semitransparency-scetch-paper or another white surface, for example by wearing a white shirt. The combination of these mediums the place will be experienceable on another level.

The daily experiences of the students from Lucerne are using this place only as a transit zone. Especially these observations inspired us to create a new place by this installation. This final place is discovered experimentally based on mental and physical phenomenons, analysed and made available to the audience.
The focus was on two goals:
The observation in daily routine: how users are acting in this space? How do they use the steel blinds and how far the artists can intervene to manipulate their actions?
Another observation took place on the following day. Throughout the whole day, the steel blinds were closed and with help of a fix installed camera, the light conditions and reflections were recorded from the early bird until the sunset. Another stop-motion film was created.

"The simplest things are the most difficult things." Berthold Brecht
Just with a few tools, an experienceable lounge was created by the transformation of a non-space. Through the integration of all sensory levels the space was experimented: depth, look control and sound irritations.
Through the individual interactions of all users and projections behind the glasses, the corridor was make aware deliberately in different ways of the use of the space diversity.