distortion of observations

2.5distortion consists of manipulation of the 3 dimension. Taking inspiration from the surrounding landscape, frames, and materiality we began to develop our concept. Experimenting with  Polycarbonate sheets we discovered that we could distort the frames; creating kaleidoscopic effects which manipulated the 3D into a 2D effect . The dimensions, and orientation of the material altered the effect of this distortion; providing a variety of abstractions of the mountain. These effects included disorientation and the alteration of focus on the human eye, creating blurred and clear vision. 


'2.5 distortion' was a project which sought to alter and manipulate the vision of the audience. We experimented with polycarbonate sheets by building a variety of differently shaped glasses and looking through them and discovered a distorted view.  By combining this with our experiences in Switzerland we designed a sculpture based upon the landscape near Lucerne. We created a 3D model from the contours of the mountain 'Pilatus', abstracted it and cut it in slices. We copied the shapes to the polycarbonate sheets and cut along them. We then stuck the layers together and formed a sculpture which was  suspended with a view of the mountain. 

'2.5 distortion' allowed the audience to experience environments by the interaction with the sculpture and different glasses providing a variety of unique distortions. The visual distortion immersed the audience in a manipulated world, twisting their natural sensorial perceptions of sight.

We presented a video showing our experiences of Switzerland distorted by overlaying the images, altering their opacity and saturation and the glasses.

Through one window we directed the audience's attention to a desired location. By placing our sculpture there we presented it  in a dramatic way and framed the landscape.