David Littlefield

David Littlefield is researching “estranged space”. With colleagues at two other universities (UAL and Plymouth), David has secured an artists’ residency at the Roman Baths, in Bath, to explore the potential for meaning within a set of underground vaults that remain uncurated and uncatalogued and therefore off the tourist trail. These spaces - comprising a collision of Roman, medieval, Georgian, Victorian and contemporary artifacts – raise important questions concerning the role of “heritage” and “authenticity”.

David is exploring ways of re-presenting these spaces through light and film installations; in particular, the investigation focuses on flattening the hierarchy whereby the Roman is privileged above all else, and considering instead these vaults as an unselfconscious record of human action and mark-making.

David has written, co-written or edited more than 10 books on the subject of architecture, including Architectural Voices; listening to old buildings (Wiley 2007, with Saskia Lewis). Further, he curated the exhibition Unseen Hands; 100 years of Structural Engineering at the V&A (2008). David has studied design and literature at the University of Birmingham, Central St Martins and Chelsea College of Art and Design; he is a senior lecturer in the Department of Planning and Architecture at UWE.

Mathew Emmett

Mathew Emmett, AADipl Bsc (UCL) is an Architect, academic & conceptual artist, who questions mediated-realities and mnemonic structures by exploring multi-dimensional total environments. Emmett is the co-founder of transdisciplinary research group ‘Estranged Space’ who currently hold an Artist Residency at The Roman Baths at Bath. Emmett has co-directed international summer schools in Detmold, Germany and has lectured at Technische Universiteit, Eindhoven. In 2007, Emmett received a research grant to attend the Karlheinz Stockhausen Composition and Interpretation Course: Kuerten, Germany, for the analysis of compositional strategies of ‘Licht-Bilder’; to formulate a system for interpreting sound as a spatial concept for architecture. Throughout his career Emmett and has received many awards for collaborations, including Kaos Theatre and World Heritage project. Recent publications include: ‘Space Craft – Developments in Architectural Computing’, ‘Architectural Voices, Listening to Old Buildings’, ‘Architects’ Sketchbook’ & ‘Augmented Reality: Mensch, Raum und Virtualitat’. Emmett is currently researching hyperaesthetic affective spatial continuums, in particular the coefficient of affordance and psychoactive space.